Austin Bluffs Open Space Master Plan

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About the Project

The City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services has hired THK Associates, Inc. to lead the Austin Bluffs Open Space Master and Management Plan process. Austin Bluffs Open Space consists of three unique properties – Pulpit Rock Regional Park, University Park Open Space and the original Austin Bluffs Open Space. Collectively they make up approximately 600 acres of open space in the center of Colorado Springs.

The Master and Management Plan process will help to develop a guiding document for the next 10-15 years for the sustainable development of recreational opportunities in the open space as well as guidance for appropriate management of the natural resources. The planning process will take place for the remainder of 2019.   

The Draft Austin Bluffs Open Space Master and Management Plan is available for public review

Please take an opportunity to read the plan and share any feedback via email to Public comments will be accepted now through Monday Jan 27, 2020.

Past Public Meetings

    Public Meeting #1 April 2, 2019

    Public Meeting #2 July 16, 2019

    Public Meeting #3 November 7, 2019


    For more information please contact the Project Manager at