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Job Classifications/Descriptions


* Effective February 8, 2011 - Exempt and non-exempt employees will serve a probationary period of 12 months *

Complete Classification List in Alphabetical order


Accountant I*

Accountant II*

Accounting Technician I*

Accounting Technician II*

Accounts Payable Supervisor*

ADA Coordinator*

Administrative Technician*

Airport Accounting Manager*

Airport Communications Center Supervisor*

Airport Corporate Outreach Specialist*

Airport Design & Construction Manager*

Airport Facilities Supervisor*

Airport Marketing and Communications Manager*

Airport Operations Agent*

Airport Operations and Airfield Maintenance Manager*

Airport Operations Supervisor*

Airport Properties Administrator*

Analyst I*

Analyst II*

Application Support Administrator I*

Application Support Administrator II*

Applications Development Manager*

Applications Programmer Analyst I*

Applications Programmer Analyst II*

Assistant City Auditor*

Assistant to Council*

Assistant to the Mayor*

Associate Attorney*

Associate Fleet Technician*


Auditor I *

Auditor II*

Audit Supervisor*

Aviation Assistant Director*

Aviation Director*

Benefits Specialist*

Benefits Supervisor*

Budget Manager*

Buyer I*

Buyer II*

Capital Project Coordinator*

Cemetery Division Manager*

Cemetery Specialist*

Cemetery Technician*

Chief Communications Officer*

Chief Financial Officer*

Chief Information Officer*

Chief Probation Officer*

Chief of Staff/ Chief Administrative Officer*

Citizen Engagement Specialist, Senior*

City Accounting Manager*

City Attorney/ Chief Legal Officer*

City Attorney Division Chief*

City Auditor*

City Clerk*

City Council Administrator*

City Facilities Administrator*

City Forester*

City Grants Administrator*

City Horticulturist*

Civilian Criminal Investigator*

Claims Adjustor I*

Claims Adjuster II*

Clerk of Court*

Code Enforcement Officer*

Code Enforcement Supervisor*

Communications Center Dispatcher*

Community Behavioral Health Clinician*

Community Behavioral Health Coordinator*

Community Development Manager*

Community Health Supervisor*

Community Service Officer*

Community Service Officer Supervisor*

Construction Project Manager*

Construction Project Specialist*

Contract Compliance Manager*

Contract Specialist I *

Contract Specialist II *

Courtroom Assistant*

Crime Analysis Supervisor*

Crime Lab Supervisor*

Crime Scene Investigator*

Cultural Services Division Manager*

Database Administrator I*

Database Administrator II*

Deputy City Attorney*

Deputy City Clerk*

Deputy Fire Marshal*

Deputy Public Works Director/ City Engineer*

Digital Imaging Technician*

DNA Analyst*

DNA Technical Leader*


Economic Development Manager*

Electronic Specialist*

EMS Field Specialist*

Emergency Management and Recovery Director*

Emergency Response Technician*

Engineer I*

Engineer II*

Engineer III*

Engineering Division Manager*

Engineering Program Manager*

Engineering Specialist*

Engineering Supervisor*

Engineering Technician I*

Engineering Technician II*

Engineering Technician III*

Environmental Safety and Health Coordinator*

Environmental Safety and Health Specialist*

Equipment Operator I*

Equipment Operator II*

ERP Systems Analyst I*

ERP Systems Analyst II*

Evidence Technician*

Fingerprint Records and ID Technician*

Fire Accreditation Technician*

Fire Administrative Services Manager*

Fire Audio Visual Specialist*

Fire and Life Safety Educator*

Fire Chief*

Fire Code Inspector I*

Fire Code Inspector II*

Fire Community and Public Health Provider*

Fire Deputy Chief*

Fire Marshal*

Fire Medical Programs Coordinator*

Fire Prevention Section Supervisor*

Fire Protection Engineer I*

Fire Protection Engineer II*

Fleet Services Coordinator*

Fleet Services Supervisor*

Fleet Specialist*

Fleet Technician*

Forensic Chemist*


Forestry Technician*

GIS Analyst I*

GIS Analyst II*

GIS Supervisor*

GIS Technician*

Golf Course Superintendent*

Golf Courses Division Manager*

Graphics Technician*

Homeland Security Program Coordinator*

Information Systems Auditor I*

Information Systems Auditor II*

Information Systems Audit Supervisor*

Information Systems Manager II*

Information Technology Architect II*

Investigative Specialist*

IT Project Manager I*

IT Project Manager II*

ITSM Coordinator*

Land Use Inspector*

Landscape Architect II*

Latent Fingerprint Examiner*

Lead Public Communications Specialist*

Lead Transit Dispatcher*

Legal Administrator*

Legal Secretary*

Legislative Assistant*

License Enforcement Officer*

License Specialist I*

License Specialist II*

Licensed Surveyor*

Maintenance Services Worker*

Maintenance Technician I*

Maintenance Technician II*

Marketing Specialist*


Medical Assistant*

Municipal Court Administrator*

Municipal Court Clerk I*

Municipal Court Clerk II*

Museum Curator*

Museum Development Coordinator*

Museum Exhibits Designer*

Museum Registrar*

Natural Resource Specialist*

Neighborhood Services Manager*

Network Administrator I*

Network Administrator II*

OEM (Office of Emergency Management) Coordinator*

OEM (Office of Emergency Management) Deputy Director*

Occupational NP PA*

Office Assistant/ Receptionist* 

Office Services Coordinator*

Office Specialist*

Office Specialist, Mail*

Operations Research and Statistics Specialist*

PPRCN System Manager*


Park Ranger*

Parking Enforcement Officer*

Parking Systems Manager*

Parking Meter Technician*

Parks Development Manager*

Parks Operations Administrator*

Parks Operations and Development Manager*

Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services Director*

Parts Supply Specialist*  

Payroll and Pension Administrator*

Payroll and Pension Tech I*

Payroll and Pension Tech II*

Physical Therapist II*

Pikes Peak Highway Manager*

Pikes Peak Highway Ranger*

Pikes Peak Highway Ranger Supervisor*  

Planner I*

Planner II*

Planning and Development Director*

Planning Manager*

Planning Technician*

Police Administrative Services Manager*

Police Chief*

Police Court Liaison*

Police Deputy Chief*

Police Evidence Supervisor*

Police Financial Services Coordinator*

Police Fleet Supply Coordinator*

Police Impound Facility Supervisor*

Police Logistics Support Manager*

Police Psychologist*

Police Records Manager*

Police Service Representative*

Polygraphist I*

Polygraphist II*

Principal Planner*

Printing Technician*

Probation Officer*

Probation Technician*

Procurement Services Manager*

Program Administrator II*

Program Administrator II (Public Safety)*

Program Coordinator*

Project Design Specialist*

Prosecuting Attorney*

Public Communications Specialist I*

Public Communications Specialist II*

Public Communications Technician*

Public Safety Communications Manager*

Public Safety Communications Supervisor*

Public Safety Dispatcher*

Public Safety Dispatch Trainer*

Public Safety Program Administrator*

Public Safety Volunteer Program Administrator*

Public Works Director/ City Engineer*

Public Works Operations Manager*

Radio Communications Supervisor*

Radio Field Engineer*

Radio Installer*

Radio Technician*

Real Estate Services Manager*

Real Estate Specialist II*

Real Estate Specialist I*

Records Systems Coordinator*

Records Supervisor*

Recreation Assistant*

Recreation and Administration Manager*

Redevelopment Specialist*

Risk Manager*

Risk Supervisor, Occupational Health*

Risk Supervisor, Workers Compensation*

SIMD Unit Administrator*

Safety Specialist*

Sales Tax Auditor II*

Sales Tax Enforcement Supervisor*

Sales Tax Investigator I*

Sales Tax Investigator II*

Sales Tax Manager*

Sales Tax Technician*

Senior Accountant*

Senior Accounting Technician*

Senior Airport Operations Agent*

Senior Analyst*

Senior Application Support Administrator*

Senior Applications Programmer Analyst*

Senior Attorney*

Senior Auditor*

Senior Business Analyst, IT*

Senior Buyer*

Senior Claims Adjustor*

Senior Code Enforcement Officer*

Senior Contracting Specialist*

Senior Crime Scene Investigator*

Senior Courtroom Assistant*

Senior Database Administrator*

Senior Engineer*

Senior Equipment Operator*

Senior ERP Systems Analyst*

Senior Evidence Technician*

Senior Fire and Life Safety Educator*

Senior Fire Code Inspector*

Senior Fleet Technician*

Senior Forensic Chemist*

Senior GIS Analyst*

Senior Information Technology Architect*

Senior IT Project Manager*

Senior Legal Secretary*

Senior Licensed Surveyor*

Senior Maintenance Technician*

Senior Medical Assistant*

Senior Marshal*

Senior Municipal Court Clerk*

Senior Network Administrator*

Senior Office Specialist*

Senior Paralegal*

Senior Parking Meter Mechanic*

Senior Payroll and Pension Technician*

Senior Planner*

Senior Probation Technician*

Senior Public Communications Specialist*

Senior Redevelopment Specialist*

Senior Sales Tax Auditor*

Senior Skilled Maintenance Technician*

Senior Systems Administrator*

Senior Technical Support Analyst*

Senior Volunteer Coordinator*

Signs Technician I*

Signs Technician II*

Skilled Maintenance Supervisor*

Skilled Maintenance Technician I*

Skilled Maintenance Technician II*

Special Events Coordinator*

Special Events Supervisor*

Staff Assistant*

Stormwater Quality Coordinator*

Street Operations Manager*

Street Programs Supervisor*

Street Repair Inspector*

Streets District Crew Leader*

Streets District Supervisor*

Streets Manager*

Streets Operations Program Assistant*

Street Training Supervisor*

Systems Administrator I*

Systems Administrator II*

Technical Support Analyst I*

Transit Dispatcher*

Transit Scheduler*

Transit Services Supervisor*

Transit Systems Manager*

Victim Advocate*

Victim Advocate Coordinator*

Video Production Specialist*

Volunteer Coordinator*

Water Conservation Specialist*

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