Fares & Tickets

Fares are good from origin to end of line.  Bus fare boxes accept U.S. coins and dollar bills and Mountain Metropolitan bus passes.  No tokens or pennies.  Please have exact fare or pre-purchased ticket.  Neither the bus driver nor the farebox can provide change.  

Purchase Tickets 

Basic Fare/One Ride Adult - ages 19 - 59 $1.75
SPECIAL FARE  *Youth - ages 6-18 (5 and younger ride free with paid adult) *Medicare/Disabled *Senior - ages 60+ $.85
Transfers are free and issued upon request with a paid fare. Transfers are only good for 2 hours and 3 rides on one-way trips. FREE
31-Day Ticket - unlimited one-way trips in a consecutive 31-day period $63.00
Adult 20-Ride Ticket - good for 20-one way trips $32.00
*Special 20-Ride Ticket - Youth ages 6 - 18, Medicare/Disabled, Senior (60+); good for 20-one way trips $16.00
Summer Haul Pass - unlimited one-way trips from June 1 - August 31 on Mountain Metro fixed-route buses for kids 18 and under; good for one year only (year indicated on pass) $25.00
Day Pass – unlimited rides on fixed-route buses. Day Passes expire at midnight on the day of activation.  $4.00
*Special Riders, please be prepared to show proper ID or proof of eligibility upon request.

Purchase tickets online 

Reduced Fare Eligibility

The Special 20-Ride ticket provides significant savings for individuals who meet specified age criteria or disability requirements. You must have the required ID to purchase or ride with this pass. Please take care of your pass since Mountain Metropolitan Transit is under no obligation to honor or replace lost, stolen or visibly damaged passes.   

The following riders qualify for reduced fare and can purchase the Special 20-Ride ticket or pay the economy cash fare on the bus:

Seniors Ages 60+ Mountain Metro will accept any one of the following senior citizen IDs:

  • Valid driver's license
  • Any photo identification with a birth date indicating you are 60 years of age or older
  • Medicare Card

Medicare/Disabled Mountain Metro will only accept the following documented proof of permanent disability: 1.) a valid Medicare Card; or 2.) a Disabled Reduced Fare Authorization "Yellow Card" issued by the Independence Center.

For information on how to obtain a Disabled Reduced Fare Authorization "Yellow Card," please call the Independence Center at 471-8181 or go to 729 South Tejon.

Youth Ages 6-18 (5 and younger ride free with a paid adult) - Mountain Metro will accept any one of the following IDs:

  • School-issued student ID
  • Any photo identification with a birth date indicating your age
  • Driver may use his/her own discretion

Please be prepared to show proper ID or proof of eligibility upon request. TICKETS WILL BE REVOKED UPON MISUSE.

Purchase Tickets in Person:

Transit Administration Office- 1015 Transit Dr.

Downtown Terminal - 127 E. Kiowa Street

Citadel Mall Transfer Center - 750 W. Citadel Dr. 

Pikes Peak Community College Centennial Campus- 5675 S. Academy Blvd

El Paso County Citizens Service Center -  1675 W. Garden of the Gods Rd. 

Participating King Soopers and Safeway stores:

King Soopers

1750 W. Uintah St.  -  (719) 636-5043

6930 N. Academy Blvd.   -  (719) 598-5177

815 Cheyenne Meadows Rd.   -  (719) 527-1590

3570 Hartsel Dr.   -  (719) 590-1099

6030 Stetson Hills Blvd.  -   (719) 591-7043

2910 S. Academy Blvd.   -  (719) 393-9622

9225 N. Union Blvd.   -  (719) 522-2200

3620 Austin Bluffs Pkwy.  -   (719) 598-1891

3250 Centennial Blvd.   -  (719) 325-0344


1920 S. Nevada Ave.   -  (719) 636-5257

2210 N. Wahsatch Ave.   -  (719) 471-7243

1121 N. Circle Dr.   -  (719) 573-6023

3275 W. Colorado Ave.   -  (719) 473-6446

1425 S. Murray Blvd.   -  (719) 591-0831

6520 S. Academy Blvd.   -  (719) 527-4807

5060 N. Academy Blvd.   -  (719) 593-1474

2890 N. Powers Blvd.   -  (719) 573-4759

840 Village Center Dr.   -  (719) 548-1404

6925 Mesa Ridge Pkwy. (Fountain)  -  (719) 322-9351

7655 McLaughlin Rd. (Falcon)  -  (719) 495-7300

Ticket Terms & Conditions         

  • Ticket must be accounted for in farebox.         
  • 31-Day ticket is valid for one passenger only.          
  • Special ticket holders, please be prepared to show proper ID or proof of eligibility upon request.  
  • Ticket is subject to revocation upon misuse.
  • Possession and care of ticket is the responsibility of the ticket holder.  
  • Mountain Metropolitan Transit is not responsible for replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen tickets.         
  • ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL.  NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES OF MOUNTAIN METROPOLITAN TRANSIT TICKETS ARE PERMITTED.  Purchase of ticket does not guarantee bus service or continuation of routes.  Bus schedules, routes, equipment, and fares are subject to change without notice.

Possession and care of bus tickets is the responsibility of the ticket holder

  • Do not fold
  • Do not get wet
  • Do not expose to magnet
  • Do not expose to extreme heat

Mountain Metropolitan Transit is not responsible for replacement of damaged bus tickets. If your ticket does not work in the fare box because it is damaged, you will be required to pay the fare or purchase another ticket.                               

For complete information call:
385-RIDE (7433)
TTY users 1-800-659-2656