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Parking Tickets


Parking tickets must be paid within 7 days of issuance; a $5 late charge is added on the 8th day. If you wish to contest a parking ticket, you should see a  Referee before the scheduled court date.

Payments may be submitted:

  • By mail
  • In person
  • In the drop box located in front of the court building
  • Online through this website. If you wish to pay for your parking ticket online, please click Online Payments.  


An accumulation of unpaid parking tickets could result in the immobilization or towing of your vehicle, the issuance of a summons and complaint, or referral to a collections agency. 

Wondering where your money goes?

  • FINE AND COSTS: Fine and costs go into the General City Fund to support the variety of services provided by the City of Colorado Springs.
  • SURCHARGE: The surcharge added to traffic violations supports the school crossing guard program and school safety zone improvements.
  • RESTITUTION: Restitution collected goes to victims of crime.