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Monument Valley Park

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Monument Valley Park is a historic, community park through which Monument Creek flows. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is on the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.  Monument Valley Park is one of the community's most utilized parks. Joggers, cyclists, mothers with strollers and couples hand-in-hand travel the trails while citizens have picnics, play pickleball, or enjoy field sports.  The park has two sections, divided by Uintah street. Boddington field is at the northernmost section of the park.


  • large-group picnic area (by reservation with electrical access)
  • concrete and gravel trails: 2.25 mile North Loop Trail and a 2 mile South Loop Trail, for a combined 4.25 miles
  • multi-play courts and open grass areas
  • baseball fields
  • two playgrounds
  • restrooms
  • the city's first outdoor public swimming pool operated seasonally by the YMCA
  • the City Greenhouse and the Horticultural Arts Society. Demonstration Garden and eritage Garden


Monument Valley Park was among General Palmer's most treasured gifts to the people of Colorado Springs. Between 1904 and 1907 two miles next to Monument Creek became a "park for the people" with elegant gardens, winding walks, bridged ponds, a tennis court, playgrounds and an arboretum displaying Colorado tree and shrub species and Palmer's Colorado Wildflower Garden.

In 1914, Spencer Penrose added the Monument Valley Municipal Swimming Pool. He and his wife Julie regularly strolled there on weekends. On Memorial Day in 1935, the park suffered a massive flood but was slowly renovated afterward, although some features were never replaced.

Many of the historic walls throughout the park were constructed by the Works Project Administration (WPA).

The 1914 swimming pool survived the flood and is still a popular swimming site during summer months.


Map of the Monument Valley Master Plan