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Recreation and Activities


There are plenty of recreational opportunities awaiting you on Pikes Peak - America's Mountain. Spend the day with us and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer just minutes from Colorado Springs. 

Fishing: If you like to fish, what could be better than catching a feisty rainbow trout in a beautiful mountain setting? You can cast your line over the 466 surface acres of water in Crystal, North Catamount and South Catamount Reservoirs. Pick up a Pikes Peak North Slope Recreation Area brochure for information on licenses, possession limits and bait restrictions. 

Wildlife Watching: It often takes a watchful eye to spot some of Pikes Peak's majestic wildlife. Look for the light-colored rumps of elk, bighorn sheep and mule deer in fields and forests. Listen for the scolding chatter of a little pine squirrel in the evergreens and watch for marmots sunning themselves on the rocks. 

Hiking: With elevations ranging from 6,750 to 14,115 feet, hiking on Pikes Peak provides great exercise as well as fantastic views. Make sure you are prepared before heading out. If you will be hiking any distance, take along water, a hat, warm layers of clothing, and sunscreen. If you are looking for a family friendly hike try our Crystal Reservoir Self-Guided Interpretive Trail. After Hours Recovery/Rescue Response: $500 per person will be charged if a hiker/tourist requests rescue/recovery or assistance from Pikes Peak Staff after hours. This is a minimum charge based on circumstances. Read More

Photography: Pikes Peak is a photographer's paradise. Breathtaking scenes of snow-capped mountain, colorful wildflowers, golden aspens and native wildlife await. For your safety, don't get too close to the wild animals. 

Picnicking: You can enjoy an open-air picnic surrounded by evergreens and wildflowers at Crowe Gulch, Crystal Reservoir, Half-Way Picnic Area or Glen Cove. Please help us keep the wildlife wild and don't feed the chipmunks, deer or birds.

Boating: Imagine boating on crystal clean mountain waters under blue Colorado skies. This can become a reality at Crystal, North Catamount and South Catamount Reservoirs. You may captain any boat powered by paddles, oars or electric motors. The inner-tube belly boats may be used for fishing as well. 

Bicycling: If you like active recreation, there are 8 miles of gravel roads and trails for mountain biking near the reservoirs. Trailheads are located at Crystal and North Catamount Reservoir parking lots. If mountain biking is not your style, you can ride the Pikes Peak Highway to the summit. Be sure that you follow all of the bicycling regulations if you ride on the highway.