Paving Updates: Carefree Circle, Briargate Pkwy, Inspiration Dr

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people and asphalt roller working on briargate parkway at night

Night paving work on Briargate Parkway

Last week (September 8-14) 2C paving crews completed paving on the following areas:
  • Carefree Circle N (city limit east to Pederson Road)
  • Briargate Parkway (Powers Blvd to Union Blvd)
  • Inspiration Drive (Carefree Circle N to Carefree Circle S)


This week (Sept 17-23)* crews expect to finish:

  • Mark Dabling Blvd (Corporate Dr to Rockrimmon Blvd)
  • Briargate Parkway (Lexington Dr to Voyager Pkwy)
  • Interpark Drive (private property north to Cul De Sac)
  • Inspiration Drive (Carefree Circle S to Rio Vista Dr)


large asphalt roller paving new street

Briargate Parkway night paving

This week (Sept 17-23)* crews expect to continue work on: 

  • Carefree Circle N (Powers Blvd to Oro Blanco Dr)


This week (Sept 17-23)* crews expect to start milling and paving on:

  • Briargate Parkway ( Union Blvd to Lexington Dr)



Last week (September 8-14) 2C crews finished concrete work on:

  • Institute St N (San Rafael St E to Astrozon Blvd)
  • Criterion Drive (Research Pkwy to Chapel Hills Drive)
  • Jamboree Circle (Jamboree Drive to Jamboree Drive)


This week (Sept 17-23)* crews expect to finish concrete work on:

  • Astrozon Court (cul-de-sac to Astrozon Blvd)
  • Executive Drive (cul-de-sac to Janitell Rd E)
  • Union Blvd (Charity Dr to Research Pkwy)
  • Carefree Circle N (Oro Blanco Dr to Academy Blvd N)


This week (Sept 17-23)* crews expect to continue concrete work on:

  • Ouray Ave (Cheyenne Rd E to Lynn Ave)
  • Mirage Dr (Chapel Hills Dr to Union Blvd)
  • Executive Circle (Janitell Rd E to Janitell Rd E)
  • Sand Creek Dr (Airport Rd to Airport Rd)
  • Carefree Circle W (Carefree Circle N to Village Rd S)
  • Nevada Ave (I-25 concrete to Eagle Rock Rd)
  • Union Blvd (Briargate Pkwy to Charity Dri)
  • 21st St S (Colorado Ave W to Cimarron St)


This week (Sept 17-23)* crews expect to start concrete work on:

  • Janitell Rd E (Circle Rd S to Janitell Rd)


*Project projections are subject to change depending on weather and other conditions.