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  1. Stormwater MS4 Permit

    amatkovich - 2016-05-17 09:27 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    on controlling and limiting pollutants to the City's drainage system through Best Management Practices ... Engineering's Stormwater Drainage Team manages the City's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer ... System Permit Program (MS4). The stormwater permit addresses stormwater quality with an emphasis ...

  2. Stormwater Program Implementation Plan

    amatkovich - 2017-02-23 12:41 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    for revitalizing the City’s stormwater infrastructure and operations. The intent of the SPIP and its three ... Appendices is to describe how the City intends to create and structure its new stormwater program. It sets ... goals and objectives and lays out a foundation for transforming the City stormwater program from its ...

  3. Other Stormwater Projects

    amatkovich - 2017-02-13 14:11 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    and local projects as well as emergency projects.   Capital & Grant Projects The City seeks to leverage ... funding for the design and construction of larger stormwater related capital projects by applying ... contributions, is required. The City seeks grant funding through several agencies/programs including the Federal ...

  4. Sign-up for quarterly newsletter

    amatkovich - 2017-02-23 12:21 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Click here to sign up for the water Resources Engineering quarterly newsletter. ...

  5. Read current newsletter

    amatkovich - 2017-02-23 12:24 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Click here to read the current Water Resources Engineering newsletter online. ...

  6. Stormwater News

    amatkovich - 2017-02-23 12:33 - This site (Colorado Springs)


  7. Parents and Teachers

    jcordova - 2017-02-24 15:20 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    powdered drink mixes, soy sauce, etc.) are applied to the landscape with subsequent "rainfall" ... (children to adults).  Contact Water Resources Engineering for arrangements at (719) 385-5033.   Colorado ... Water Resources Engineering for arrangements at (719) 385-5033. Stormwater Videos We offer a variety ...

  8. Completed Stormwater Projects 

    amatkovich - 2017-03-10 09:24 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    be applied to other higher priority needs in the city that qualify ... on pipe inlets and graded area to improve stormwater capture into the pipe system. Benefits:  Reduced ... Resources Conservation Service project to stabilize the natural channel through Garden of the Gods Park ...

  9. Stormwater Drainage

    cos_admin - 2017-05-17 09:42 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    Drainage Maintenance Maintenance of the City of Colorado Springs' stormwater drainage ... is performed by the City's Street Division. Crews perform a variety of tasks including cleaning of inlets, ... Request Contact: Street Division at (719) 385-5934. Drainage Inspections City Inspectors conduct ...

  10. Drainage Basin Planning Studies

    jmsmith - 2017-09-01 10:52 - This site (Colorado Springs)

    The Drainage Basin Planning Studies (DBPS) are filed by basin number according to the numbering on the DBPS Inventory Map.  Download the DBPS Inventory Map (pdf) 1- Smith Creek 2- Black Squirrel 3- Monument Branch 4- Middle Tributary 5- Kettle Creek 5a- K ...