These stormwater nets keep trash and debris out of Waterways

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Stormwater Nets Sept 2019

More than 19,000 pounds of trash and other debris didn’t make it into local waterways, thanks to two underground nets.

The nets sit underground in covered cement containers near North Academy and Woodmen Road. About once a year, the nets are emptied, rinsed and put back in place. The city maintains other nets like this, but they are much smaller.

Detention ponds, which help reduce neighborhood flooding, also filter out trash and debris before it gets to waterways, but they take up a lot more space. 

The City's Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division inspects and maintains 26 underground stormwater filtering systems. Some of them are nets, and others are concrete structures that filter out debris and trash. 


Video Description:

Happy music is the only audio in this video.
Open captions repeat info above.
  • Shot one: trash floating in large underground catchment
  • Shot two: Crane lifting very large net from underground vault
  • Shot three: street sign at Earl Drive and York Street
  • Shot four: close-up of dirt and trash from net
  • Shot five: dumpster with dirt and trash in it. Net hangs in background
  • Shot six: Person rinsing off net
  • Shot seven: Net being lowered back into underground tank
  • Shot eight: two men looking down into tank
  • Shot nine: net inside tank covered with dirt and trash Shot ten: Colorado Springs logo and website ColoradoSprings.Gov



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