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Stormwater Drainage


Drainage Maintenance

Maintenance of the City of Colorado Springs' stormwater drainage is performed by the City's Street Division. Crews perform a variety of tasks including cleaning of inlets, catch basins, and pipes and removal of debris from inlets, culverts, and channels. In addition, crews repair and stabilize stream banks. Drainage maintenance crews are divided into two sections: closed drainage (e.g., pipes) maintenance and open drainage (e.g., streams and channels) maintenance. Maintenance Request Contact: Street Division at (719) 385-5934.

Drainage Inspections

City Inspectors conduct inspections of drainage construction within City right-of-way or easements to ensure compliance with City standards and specifications. Projects include city-funded capital improvement projects and those required of new development. The inspectors also provide the initial contact and response to citizen requests and inquiries relating to flooding, erosion and other drainage issues. Inspections Contact: Questions regarding flooding, grading and erosion should be directed to Stormwater Inspections at (719) 385-5980. For all other questions contact Subdivision Inspections at (719) 385-5977.

Drainage Design Criteria

The Drainage Criteria Manual Vol I specifies the design and technical criteria for all drainage analysis and construction. The Drainage Criteria Manual Vol II provides information on Best Management Practices (BMP's) for Stormwater. Both manuals are available online by clicking the 'Reference Materials' link or for a minimal fee by contacting City Office Services at (719) 385-5023. Drainage Criteria Contact: Engineering Review at (719) 385-5979.

Reference Materials

Drainage Basin Planning Study

A Drainage Basin Planning Study (DBPS) process is used to define major stormwater improvement needs in the City. Each DBPS identifies needed improvements, environmental impacts and estimated costs. The needs may be located in older, existing developed areas, that are City responsibility, or areas to be developed that developers will be responsible for. The City has master plans for approximately 30 major drainage basins. DBPS's can be borrowed from Engineering Review (City Engineering). DBPS Contact: Engineering Review at (719) 385-5979.

Drainage Projects

Drainage improvement projects funded by the City include storm sewers, inlets, open channels and other system facilities. Design, surveying and construction management is either provided by in-house staff or contracted to consultants. All drainage improvement needs are assessed and prioritized in the annual capital improvement budget process. Drainage Projects Contact: City Engineering at (719) 385-5918.

Drainage Design Plans

City Engineering maintains the drainage design plans. These plans are available for viewing at the City Engineering main office (30 S. Nevada, Colorado Springs). Click here to submit a request for plans electronically. Drainage Plans Contact: City Engineering at (719) 385-5918.

Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for providing mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and coordination for large-scale emergencies and disasters, both natural and manmade, to the citizens of Colorado Springs for the purpose of saving lives and preventing property damage. Coordination with all necessary City, County, State and Federal agencies is provided. This coordination includes issuance of official statements concerning flooding and any resulting emergency actions. Emergency Management Contact: (719) 385-5957.

Floodplain Administration

Permits are required for all construction in designated floodplain areas or alterations of a regulated stream. Existing floodplain maps are available for review. All requests for floodplain map revisions to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) must be coordinated through the Floodplain Administration. This office also provides to property owners information on the National Flood Insurance Program. Floodplain Contact: Floodplain Administration at (719) 327-2889.