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Colorado Springs Parks Rangers

The Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department is dedicated to providing a safe, positive and enjoyable experience for all park and trail users within the City. Our Park Rangers provide a wide array of experiences and responsibilities to serve our community and uphold our commitment to the public.

Regional Parks, Trails and Open Spaces

The Regional Parks, Trails and Open Space Rangers work to protect and maintain our natural resources while maximizing public safety and educating the public on conservation and preservation within Colorado Springs Parks and Open Spaces. These rangers also work with volunteer groups to provide and support stewardship activities including cleanup days, trail maintenance and building, and other various tasks.

Urban Trails

The Urban Trail Rangers, dedicated to City urban trails, provide a greater presence in the urban trail corridor. These rangers work to create and protect a great recreational experience for the public by patrolling the trails to help maintain a welcoming environment. The Urban Trail Rangers also work with community partners and other City departments to tackle safety issues.

Garden of the Gods Park

The Garden of the Gods Rangers are committed to ensure a clean, safe, beautiful experience in the National Natural Landmark that receives over four million visitors per year. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to safety patrols, maintaining trails and cleanliness of the park, responding to emergency situations, and educating the public on rules and regulations to protect and preserve Garden of the Gods Park.

Pikes Peak Highway

The Pikes Peak Rangers assume a multitude of responsibilities on the Pikes Peak Highway which receives more than 500,000 visitors each year. The Ranger team welcomes guests at the entrance, collects tolls, checks reservations, and provides guidance on how to avoid altitude sickness. They are on duty to assist motorists, ensure safety, perform maintenance tasks along the highway, and keep a close eye on the ever-changing weather. When weather does strike, the Pikes Peak rangers work to plow the highway. As stewards of the mountain, Rangers are committed to preserving the natural beauty of Pikes Peak and welcoming guests from all over the world.

We are thankful for our ranger teams and their dedication to serve our community. Be sure to stop and thank a ranger next time you are out in our parks, trails or open spaces.

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