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Building Connections:

To unlock the city’s potential and to become a great bicycling city, Colorado Springs needs great on street bikeways to complement its trail network. The City’s commitment to becoming a Gold-Level Bicycle Friendly Community means that a high-quality, connected network is needed.

This chapter presents the proposed bicycle Vision Network, which should be constructed over the long term as resources and support become available. Some parts of the Vision Network are ripe for near term construction, and those are discussed in Chapter 4. Completion of the Vision Network will create a Colorado Springs that is safe, integrated, and accessible with more bicycle riders.

Vision Network

The bicycle Vision Network—a selection of streets in Colorado Springs on which to implement appropriate bicycle infrastructure—will improve connectivity and access to destinations across the city. Building upon existing trail and on-street facilities, the 379-mile Vision Network comprises 157 miles of recommended corridors identified as part of the 2015 PPACG Regional Non-motorized Plan, 19 miles of recommended facilities from the 2016 Experience Downtown Master Plan, and 203 new miles of recommended corridors from the COS Bikes! process.

This Plan does not make specific bicycle facility recommendations, but instead allows the City implementation flexibility as it completes COS Bikes! and builds out the bikeway network. The Bicycle Facility Toolbox provided in Appendix B should be used to make appropriate facility selection and design decisions for individual segments within the Vision Network.

Vision Network Map