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Common Code Violations

Weeds and Grasses need to be kept below 9” in height.  Remember, if your property borders an alley, you are responsible for the area from your property line to the middle of the alley.

Vehicles stored outside on private property must be operable and free from damage that renders them unlawful for operation on a roadway.  Recreational vehicles must be parked at least ten feet away from the sidewalk or front property line.  All vehicles must be parked on an improved surface (concrete, asphalt, or gravel).

Any dwelling rented or used for residential purposes must comply with minimum housing standards. This means the house or apartment must be free from pests and plumbing problems. The City Code also includes provision regulating heat, utilities, and required facilities.

Garbage and household waste needs to be discarded and stored in a clean and sanitary manner that prevents it from becoming a home for rodents or to keep it from putrefying. This includes picking up and discarding pet waste properly at home and in public places.

Firewood can be stored outside, but needs to be neatly stacked in the side or rear yards only.

Appliances, furniture, manufactured goods, and personal items needs to be stored inside an enclosed building or out of view in a rear yard.  

In the case of snowstorms, sidewalks adjacent to your property need to be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of the end of the storm. But don’t be a clock watcher!  Sidewalks are used more than you know and should someone slip, fall, or otherwise injure themselves due to snow or ice accumulation, the property owner and occupant can be liable for damages. The best thing to do is to be a good neighbor and plan ahead, giving yourself extra time to shovel the walk for the good of the neighborhood. It’s great exercise and if you are feeling up to it, doing your neighbor’s without telling them it was you is an awesome feeling! Don’t think that’s true…give it a try and let us know how it turns out.