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You care about what happens in your city. You're an engaged citizen, but it's time to put your cape on and become something bigger-- a Civic Superhero!

Civic Superheroes know how to:

  • Get potholes filled, 
  • Know when City Council is going to discuss an issue they care about
  • Weigh in on projects that matter to them
  • And a whole lot more!

Civic Superhero Training puts the cape on your back, the grappling hook on your utility belt, and the tiara on your head-- just remember: with great power comes great responsibility!

As a Civic Superhero you can:

  • – The City’s primary engagement tool, with news releases and alerts, City job information, Transit, Parks, and Airport central location
  • – airport website, flights, delays, promotional efforts, and information about the operations of COS
  • GoCOS Mobile App- the power tool for Colorado Springs residents. Report a pothole or other roadway issue, clogged storm drain, check airport status, or get information on City news and events. 
  • Legistar: watch live and archived City Council meetings, set alerts to get notified when items you care about come before City Council, share video from important public meetings to your social networks. 
  • Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) - In accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), the City of Colorado Springs is happy to assist with requests for the City’s public records. As permitted under Colorado State Law, the City does charge a nominal fee for CORA requests. 
  • SpringsTV 18 - view videos produced by the SpringsTV 18 studio. View City videos at online streaming player for SpringsTV18 at 
  • Cone Zone map - - lists all roadway construction projects (permitted projects) taking place around the city.
  • Waze mobile app (not City-owned, but uses City data)- Navigation app with crowdsourced content. The City of Colorado Springs provides information on planned roadway construction projects and other traffic impacts for Waze users. Download the Waze app on your device’s app store or view online at
  • Public Works Project Map - Massive map with all of the City’s completed, in-progress, and planned projects. Lots of information, takes time to load, but worth it for all the incredible insight citizens can gain. 
  • Survey123 - Survey platform for the City to gather ideas, preferences, and information from the public. 
  • Textizen -- Text-based citizen survey and interaction platform. 
  • OpenBudget COS -- Financial Transparency & Data Visualization tool. `Explore and interact with City finances. Share data visualizations with stakeholders and social networks. Download or link to City finance data as up-to-date as the last closed month of City Finances. 
  • OpenDataCOS -- The City of Colorado Springs provides this open data portal to support transparency and accountability, but also to give the public access to one of our most important assets: Public Data. 
  • EngageCOS - A hub for the City's projects. Explore projects in your area of town, see which ones are seeking your input, and follow the progress of City efforts that affect you.
  • City Clerk Documents Search -- Search historical records, scanned documents, and other important pieces of the City of Colorado Springs history.