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Did you know that it only takes one teaspoon of salt to pollute five gallons of freshwater? Did you also know deicers have a minimum temperature at which they are effective? Using the wrong product will result in wasted product, wasted money, and potential pollution of local waterways.

Follow these tips to avoid salting our waterways.

  • Shovel as soon after the storm as possible. When heavy storms occur, consider removing snow halfway through the event so you are able to keep up with the snow.
  • Remove as much snow as possible before using a deicing product.
  • Remember that most deicing products work best at temperatures above 15 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Avoid over application. It only takes 3/4 of a coffee mug to treat an average size parking space.
  • Sweep up any sand that was used as traction, and reuse it.