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Fire Board of Appeals is a comprehensive committee of seven business professionals who are dedicated to the City of Colorado Springs’ requirements as outlined in City Code Section 8.3.101-8.3.104. The requisite members serve three (3) year terms and contain representation of the following industries and capabilities:

  • Architecture - Licensed architect
  • Citizen at Large
  • Construction - Contractor holding an A, B, or C license
  • Fire Suppression - Licensed fire suppression contractor
  • Insurance (fire and casualty) - Field representative
  • Large Business manufacturing or sales) - Owner or business representative
  • Small business (manufacturing, sales, or service) - Owner or business representative

Fire Board of Appeals provides professional, unbiased rulings for appellants requesting a variance to the Fire Prevention Code and its interpretations. Fire Board of Appeals reviews and grants fire suppression contractor licenses, fire alarm contractor licenses, and fire alarm installer licenses. Committee members of Fire Board of Appeals are integral in the public policy process.

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Fire Board of Appeals meets the second Friday of each month and is committed to and abides by the Colorado Open Records Act.

To ensure publication of the meeting and allow the Board adequate time to review all submittals, the deadline for application is two weeks prior to the meeting.  This will be strictly enforced.

Fire Board of Appeals Procedure Flow Chart

*NOTE: All documents, tapes, etc. will be retained as formal record; therefore, it is strongly recommended that copies are submitted, rather than originals. Said documents are historical legal records and shall be maintained by the Division of the Fire Marshal.

Minutes from the previous meeting will be posted after approval from the Board at the next month’s meeting.

Agenda for the next meeting will be posted approximately one week prior to meeting.