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The provisions below are required for this specific occupancy. These are in addition to the general requirements for all buildings. The general requirements may be found here.

Plans and Diagrams: Plans and diagrams shall be maintained in approved locations indicating the approximate plan for each area, the amount and type of HPM stored, handled and used, locations of shutoff valves for HPM supply piping, emergency telephone locations and locations of exits.

Plan Updating: The required plans and diagrams shall be maintained up to date and the fire code official and fire department shall be informed of major changes.

Emergency Response Team: Responsible persons shall be designated as an on-site emergency response team and trained to be liaison personnel for the fire department. These persons shall aid the fire department in preplanning emergency responses, identifying locations where HPM is stored, handled and used, and be familiar with the chemical nature of such material. An adequate number of personnel for each work shift shall be designated.

Emergency Drills: Emergency drills of the on-site emergency response team shall be conducted on a regular basis but not less than once every three months. Records of drills conducted shall be maintained.