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The provisions below are required for this specific occupancy. These are in addition to the general requirements for all buildings. The general requirements may be found here.


Evacuation Diagrams: A diagram depicting two evacuation routes shall be posted on or immediately adjacent to every required egress door from each hotel or motel sleeping unit.

 Emergency Duties: Upon discovery of a fire or suspected fire, hotel and motel employees shall perform the following duties:

  1. Activate the fire alarm system, where provided.
  2. Notify the public fire department.
  3. Take other action as previously instructed.

Fire Safety and Evacuation Instructions: Information shall be provided in the required fire safety and evacuation plan to allow guests to decide whether to evacuate to the outside, evacuate to an area of refuge, remain in place, or any combination of the three.


College and University Buildings: An approved fire safety and evacuation plan shall be prepared and maintained for Group R-2 college and university buildings. 

First Emergency Evacuation Drill: The first emergency evacuation drill of each school year shall be conducted within 10 days of the beginning of classes.

Time of Day: Emergency evacuation drills shall be conducted at different hours of the day or evening, during the changing of classes, when school is at assembly, during recess or gymnastic periods or during other times to avoid distinction between drills and actual fires. One required drill shall be held during hours after sunset or before sunrise.

Emergency Guide: Fire emergency guides shall be provided for Group R-2 occupancies.

Guide Contents: A fire emergency guide shall describe the location, function and use of fire protection equipment and appliances accessible to residents, including fire alarm systems, smoke alarms and portable fire extinguishers. Guides shall include an emergency evacuation plan for each dwelling unit.

Emergency Guide Maintenance: Emergency guides shall be reviewed and approved by the fire code official. 

Emergency Guide Distribution: A copy of the emergency guide shall be given to each tenant prior to initial occupancy.

Evacuation Diagrams for Dormitories: A diagram depicting two evacuation routes shall be posted on or immediately adjacent to every required egress door from each dormitory sleeping unit. Evacuation diagrams shall be reviewed and updated as needed to maintain accuracy.


Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan: An approved fire safety and evacuation plan shall be prepared and maintained for Group R-4 occupancies. The required fire safety and evacuation plan shall include special employee actions, including fire protection procedures necessary for residents, and shall be amended or revised upon admission of a resident with unusual needs.

Fire Safety Plans: A copy of the plan shall be maintained at the facility at all times. Plans shall include the following:

  1. Location and number of resident sleeping rooms.
  2. Location of special locking or egress control arrangements.

 Employee Training: Employees shall be periodically instructed and kept informed of their duties and responsibilities under the plan. Records of instruction shall be maintained. Such instruction shall be reviewed by employees at intervals not exceeding two months. A copy of the plan shall be readily available at all times within the facility.

Resident Training: Residents capable of assisting in their own evacuation shall be trained in the proper actions to take in the event of a fire. The training shall include actions to take if the primary escape route is blocked. Where the resident is given rehabilitation or habilitation training, methods of fire prevention and actions to take in the event of a fire shall be a part of the rehabilitation training program. Residents shall be trained to assist each other in case of fire to the extent their physical and mental abilities permit them to do so without additional personal risk.

Drill Frequency: Employees shall participate in drills an additional two times a year on each shift. Twelve drills with all occupants shall be conducted in the first year of operation.

Drill Times: Drill times are not required to be held at unexpected times and under varying conditions

Resident Participation in Drills: Emergency evacuation drills shall involve the actual evacuation of residents to a selected assembly point and shall provide residents with experience in exiting through all required exits. All required exits shall be used during emergency evacuation drills. Exception: Actual exiting from emergency escape and rescue windows shall not be required. Opening the emergency escape and rescue window and signaling for help shall be an acceptable alternative.