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Information regarding plan submittal requirements, commodity classifications as well as various forms and waivers. 

  • Permit Application: Permit application required to be submitted with all plans for any new HPCS installations or remodels.
  • General Requirements: Submittal requirement and installation information for new (new construction or new tenants) high piled storage locations.
  • Commodity Classifications: Examples of various commodities and their classifications per the adopted fire code and NFPA 13.
  • No-Stacking Waiver: Form to be used when a facility has areas that can be used for high piled combustible storage, but do not wish to have storage meeting HPCS requirements.
  • Plan Submittal Form: Form required for any existing area changing their HPCS layout and/or those installations that do not require any permitting from the Regional Building Department. This form must accompany plans that are submitted directly to the fire department.
  • Questionnaire: Form required for any/all facility wishing to have or modify existing HPCS. This form must also be submitted with any/all plan review as well as all HPCS Waivers.
  • Plastics Questionnaire: Form only required when the HPCS commodities contain any type of plastics.