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There are several factors that determine the frequency and type of inspection your business needs.  The primary factors driving routine fire inspections are the operations or hazards associated with your business requiring permits through the city’s adopted fire code.  Several of these specific hazards include, but are not limited to:

  • large occupancy businesses 
  • storage occupancies with high piled or rack storage
  • locations with quantities of hazardous materials exceeding the allowable thresholds identified by the fire code

The fire department also performs fire inspections for business licenses, complaints of code violations, requested inspections, and construction inspections. Scroll down for more details.

Inspection Process

During the inspection process our inspectors will check items such as your building’s exits, emergency lighting, exit signs, fire lanes, and the inspections testing and maintenance records for your fire protection systems such as fire alarms and fire sprinklers.  They will also inspect the various aspects of your business that drive the requirements for operational permits.  To maintain a fire safe business and prepare for your inspections, please review our business pre-inspections checklist. 

Any violations that are noted, if not able to be corrected immediately will be cited in an inspection report.  The business will be given reasonable time to correct the violation and a re-inspection date will be scheduled.  Failure to correct violations in a timely manner could result in the assessment of reinspection fees or a summons to court. 

Types of Inspections

Permit Inspections

There are three specific types of permits that the fire department inspects: construction, annual operational and provisional. Fees are assessed for permits in accordance with the adopted fee schedule.

Construction Permits 

Associated with construction activity that generally requires approval of construction drawings prior to the issuance of a permit.  Inspections are performed after the work is completed to ensure the work performed is code complaint.

Annual Operational Permits

Issued as a result of hazardous materials or activities that are present within a given business.  The business must pass a fire inspection prior to the issuance of the operational permit.  The operational permit is issued and effective for 12 months. 

Provisional Permit

Issued for a short time frame, generally associated with a given short term activity.  The activity must be approved through inspection prior to issuance of a permit. 

Fire Code Violations and Concerns

Each year we receive over 700 complaints from the public or referrals from firefighters or other regulating agencies of fire hazards within our community.  We take these complaints very seriously and send an inspector out to investigate each case.  These complaints generally result in citation of violations. For additional information and to report a fire code violation, please fill out the fire code violation reporting form.  All complaints are kept confidential; however, we do require a name and contact number to be provided at the time of complaint so the inspector can follow up should they have any additional questions.   

Licensing Inspections

Licensing inspections are conducted for activities regulated by other regulatory agencies such as the City Clerk’s Office or State of Colorado.  City regulated activities requiring licensing inspections include liquor licenses and marijuana businesses.  State businesses requiring licensing inspections include daycare centers and healthcare facilities.  It is the responsibility of the regulated business to request inspections as they are needed for licensure.  To request an inspection call 385-5978.  Fees associated with the license inspections will be assessed in accordance with the adopted fee schedule.

Self Inspections

Courtesy Inspections

At any time a business may request a courtesy fire inspection.  Many businesses will request a fire inspection to be proactive in keeping their business fire safe or to seek guidance in future changes they would like to make to their business. We have developed a General Business Self-inspection Form to assist businesses in maintaining a fire safe business. This self-inspection is a great tool for businesses to use to prepare for a fire inspection.    

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