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How do I know if a tree is on my property or in the right of way?

Here are some definitions that might help:

  • Street Tree: A tree located within the public right of way.
  • Right of way (R.O.W): The city-owned area of land designated for streets, sidewalks, and public use.  It includes the parkway between sidewalks and curbs.  Where sidewalks are attached to curbs, the R.O.W. extends a distance into the property.  The exact distance varies from street to street.

You can locate the property lines between the City and private property by looking up your address on the SpringsView mapping application.  

  • Use the top right search bar to type in an address or cross street.
  • Be sure to select Aerial view at the bottom left.
  • Street trees are those that are in the city right of way outside the red private property lines.


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