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The Investigative and Special Operations Bureau is broken into three Divisions: the Investigations Division, the Specialized Enforcement Division,  and the Vice, Narcotics, and Intelligence Division.

The officers and civilians who make up these divisions conduct the majority of investigations into crimes against persons, conduct motorcycle traffic enforcement, and handle many serious critical incidents and special events; as well as narcotics and vice investigations for the Pikes Peak region.  To learn more about each division, please review their individual web pages by utilizing the menu on the left of this page.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is comprised of multiple units that are responsible for handling investigations based on the crime committed, complexity and the requirement of special expertise. They provide assistance to the Patrol Division with investigations, as needed. This division has the second-largest number of personnel and is composed of detectives, civilian investigators, specialists, technicians, supervisors, and support staff.

Specialized Enforcement Division (SED)

The Specialized Enforcement Division (SED) is a group of highly trained officers who support the Patrol Bureau, Investigations Division and Metro VNI Division.  They do this by enforcing traffic laws, investigating serious accidents; providing security to the Colorado Springs Airport, city buildings and the Municipal Courthouse; and responding to high-risk emergency situations. The Specialized Enforcement Division (SED) consists of three sections: 1) Tactical Operations Section, 2) Protective Security Section, and 3) Patrol Support Section.

Metropolitan Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Division (VNI)

The Metropolitan Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Division (Metro VNI) is a multi-mission component of the Colorado Springs Police Department. Metro VNI consists of the Strategic Information Center (StIC), Intelligence Unit, Vice and Human Trafficking Unit, Investigations Unit and three Narcotics Teams, which are part of a multi-jurisdictional task force comprised of sworn and civilian personnel from the Colorado Springs Police Department, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Fountain Police Department and the Woodland Park Police Department.