Manitou Incline

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The Manitou Incline is one of the most popular hiking trails in Colorado. The Incline is steep. It gains over 2,000 feet of elevation in less than one mile. The base of the Incline is located in Manitou Springs near the base of the Barr Trail and across the street from the Cog Railroad.

Free Reservations Required

The Manitou Incline is open. All users are required to make a free reservation online before their hike. This system is in response to concerns by the Manitou Springs City Council regarding crowding during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reservations will help staff manage the volume of people on the Incline at any given time.

Reservation Process

Reservations are open seven days in advance. Be sure to bring your confirmation, either on your phone or printed. City of Colorado Springs Parks’ staff will greet you and check you in at the base of the Incline. You will be issued a wristband, which must be worn the entire time you are on the Incline. 

  • Reservations are available 6 a.m.–6 p.m., daily
    • Note: The Incline will be CLOSED for the Pikes Peak Marathon on Aug. 23, 2020.
  • You can reserve more than one slot at a time, however, please only reserve days and times you plan to use. You may also reserve a time slot for another user, but please limit group reservations to four hikers per time slot.
  • Up to 35 reservations are available for each 30-minute time slot.  After August 21, the capacity will be increased to 45 people every 30 minutes.
  • Local businesses in Manitou Springs are offering a variety of discounts to those wearing the Incline wristband.

Incline Parking

Plan to arrive in time to find parking and allow plenty of time to get to the base on the Incline. Parking is available at:

COVID-19 Guidelines

In response to COVID-19, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Stay home when sick. Do not use the Incline if you or anyone in your household is exhibiting symptoms.
  • Follow the CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to, during and after use of the Incline.
  • Bring hand sanitizer to clean your hands.
  • Face coverings are not required when using the Incline. However, when you cannot maintain a physical distance of 6-feet from members of other households, for example when checking in or passing others on the Incline or Barr Trail, face coverings should be used.
  • Face coverings are currently required both indoors and outdoors in Manitou Springs through an emergency order when a distance of 6 feet cannot be maintained.
  • While passing, warn other users of your presence before you pass, and step aside to let others pass.

How to Reserve

Reservations can be made through our easy online reservation system. The webpage shows available times and how many people have reservations at a certain time to help you avoid larger crowds.

Reserve a hike online


Incline Rules 

  • Smoking prohibited
  • No pets allowed
  • Littering prohibited
  • Creation of rogue trails prohibited
  • Open fires and burning prohibited
  • Do not climb down the Incline. Use the Barr Trail for your downhill journey
  • Stay on the trail at all times
  • Do not feed any of the wildlife you encounter on your hike
  • Respect other visitors; keep a safe distance whenever possible and if listening to music bring headphones


This is a vigorous and intense hike, complete with a false summit! The trail is recommended for physically active people and those adjusted to the elevation. Although the trail is just one mile in length, it is a 2,000 ft elevation gain straight up a steep, uneven staircase! Are you ready? Please plan ahead and prepare.  

  • Bring plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen.
  • Make sure to properly hydrate by drinking water the evening before your reservation.
  • Check the weather. Summer thunderstorms are common in this area; you do not want to be on the Incline when lightning is present.
  • Do you have proper clothes and footwear? Sneakers or sturdy hiking shoes are strongly recommended.
  • Visiting from a lower elevation? Allow your body to properly acclimate a few days before hiking the Incline.

Manitou Incline Safety

Manitou Incline Management Plan