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Certain uses are allowed in residential zones as Home Occupations. The Home Occupation must be subordinate to the residential use and must meet all of the criteria below. Home Occupations must be permitted by the Development Review Enterprise. There are regulations and specific requirements for home-based businesses with some types of occupations prohibited. 

Be sure that you check for any covenants and/or restrictions that may exist at your property prior to submitting an application. Covenants and/or restrictions are additional requirements that apply in neighborhoods and supersede City Code. If a covenant and/or restriction prohibits a home based business, a Home Occupation permit would not be allowed at the property. The City does not enforce covenants and/or restrictions not do they have jurisdiction over them. If you have questions about your covenants and/or restrictions, please contact your Homeowner Association.

Application Process

 A non-refundable application fee of $120 is due upon submittal but once approved, the Home Occupation does not require renewal. A new application is required if the Home Occupation is moved to new premises.

Additional Information

  • Before applying for a Home Occupation Permit, contact the Regional Building Department at (719) 327-2880 and the Colorado Springs Fire Department at (719) 385-5950 to determine if the Home Occupation complies with all building and fire codes.
  • Contact the Sales Tax Division at (719) 385-5903 to determine whether a Sales Tax License will be required
    for the Home Occupation.

Requirements and Information

Nuisance or Hazard

A Home Occupation cannot disturb or interfere with the quiet enjoyment of another’s property. The Occupation cannot create dust, noise, vibration, smell, smoke, glare, electrical interference, fire hazard, congestion to traffic flow, parking problems, or any other nuisance or hazard that disturbs the peace and quiet of a residential zone.

Employees and Delivery

No outside employees are permitted to work at the home based business unless they reside at the residence on a permanent basis. Delivery of merchandise, goods, or supplies in a Home Occupation is limited to the U.S. Mail or similar parcel delivery service, or to private vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds or less.

Signage and Storage

Similar to the Daycare Home Permit regulations, a sign no greater than two (2) square feet is permitted and must be attached to the home. The sign shall only identify the Home Occupation. Signs cannot be illuminated in any way.

No storage or display of materials, good, supplies or equipment related to the operation of a home occupation or tangible personal property manufactured or plants grown as a result of the home occupation and removed from the soil shall be allowed on porches or outside of the enclosed location designated on the home occupation application.

Conduct Location and Area Limitations

Home Occupations may only be conducted in an enclosed accessory structure, an attached or detached garage, or a dwelling, excluding porches. Plants, however, may be grown anywhere on the property.

The total area used to conduct the Home Occupation cannot exceed an area equivalent to one-half (1/2) the total first floor area of the user’s home, excluding porches.

Limits to Alterations

No exterior alterations or additions that are commercial in appearance are permitted. Interior alterations are allowed as long as the alterations do not result in elimination of either the kitchen, dining area, bathrooms, living room, or all of the bedrooms in the unit.


Sales on the property may only be conducted by the residents and may only be conducted in the area designated for use of the Home Occupation. Sales are limited to tangible personal property manufactured in the designated location or plants grown anywhere on the premises. Plants and other tangible personal property may be sold off-premises.

Off-Street Parking Requirements

Required off-street parking for the home must not be reduced or made unusable by the Home Occupation.

Establishments that require client visits

When a home occupation has ongoing visits from clients, they must  be on an appointment basis with a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes of space between appointments. Only one client vehicle should be present on-site at anytime with parking situate so as to not cause a detriment to adjacent and nearby residential neighbors. Massage therapists must also be licensed by the proper authority.

Prohibited Uses

The following uses by their nature have the tendency to rapidly increase beyond the limits permitted for Home Occupations once they are started. This expansion results in a substantially impaired use of the residentially zoned area. Therefore, the following uses are prohibited as Home Occupations:

  • Motor vehicle repair and/or service;
  • Barbershops designed to serve more than one customer at a time;
  • Instruction to more than three (3) persons at a time; and
  • Paint shops using spray painting equipment.