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Colorado Springs Police Department Training Academy

The Colorado Springs Police Department Training Academy is located in the city of Colorado Springs and is a nationally accredited academy. The CSPD Academy is not a public Academy. It is exclusively for applicants who have been hired as police recruits by the Colorado Springs Police Department.  While attending the CSPD Training Academy, police recruits are paid employees of the Colorado Springs Police Department. The Training Academy typically runs for 26 weeks.  Recruits and Lateral Officers must attend the full 26-week Training Academy. 

The Academy staff is composed of highly trained and specialized CSPD officers, civilian support staff and CAPS volunteers dedicated to training those who will serve in our community. In addition to the challenging physical and skills training that recruits undergo, they are required to pass a rigorous academic program. The culmination of the recruit's training comes is completing and passing the Colorado Peace Officer Standards Test (POST).  A recruit officer must pass this stringent test before being allowed to be be sworn in as a police officer.

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