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The first step in any land use application process is to request a Pre-Application Meeting. To schedule a meeting to speak with a planner please fill out the pre-application meeting request by visiting our new online Applications and Reviews system.

New Online Application and Review System

Beginning Monday, August 8, the Planning Department will utilize a new electronic process for all Pre-Application meetings, application submittals, payments, and reviews. Please create an account via the 'Applications and Reviews" button below and view the 'How-To' guide for more information.  For questions, please call 719-385-5905 or email

Applications and Reviews       |       How-To Guide

About the Pre-Application Meeting

The Pre-Application Meeting is free of charge and allows prospective applicants to sit down with a planner assigned to the geographic area to discuss the specifics of a particular piece of property. The planner will outline any major areas of concern, explain any applications required, and outline the process timeline.

The planner will also determine whether an LDTC (Land Development Technical Committee) meeting is needed. LDTC allows the applicant to hear from other City agencies before submitting an application.

Finally, the planner will determine whether the applications must follow the administrative review process or the public hearing process. Once all requirements discussed at the Pre-Application Meeting are completed, the applicant may submit; the applicant must schedule a time with the planner in advance of the submittal.


The formal plan submittal application must be made within six (6) months from the time of the pre-application meeting, otherwise a new meeting may be required.

The applicant should be contacted by a planner within two (2) working days of the receipt of this request to schedule the pre-application meeting. The initial appointment should be scheduled within seven (7) working days of the submittal of the request.


The applicant should attach, or fax prior to the meeting, a rough graphic representation at a minimum, of the development proposal. If this is not possible, bring the development proposal to the meeting.