List of Open Solicitations

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Solicitations are provided on this page for information purposes only. All RFP’s and IFB’s that are required to be publicly posted are posted on Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and/or Bonfire Interactive Procurement Portal. RFP’s and IFB’s provided on this page may or may not be up to date, and may or may not include required amendments or addenda. Failure of an Offeror to comply with provisions of an RFP, IFB, addendum/amendment due to anything provided, or not provided, on this page, will not be excused by the City of Colorado Springs. The RFP’s or IFB’s included on Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and Bonfire Interactive Procurement Portal remain the authoritative and valid version for procurement purposes.

Not all open RFP’s and IFB’s are listed yet.

Open RFPs and IFBs

R19-118 PB Window Gasket Replacement at Transit Administrative Building

B19-158MZ Filmore South MMT Route 6 Pedestrian & Transit Improvements

R19-T162AM Design Services for the UPRR Mainline over Fontanero Bridge Replacement Project

R19-T157AM Pavement Condition Assessment

B19-T177MZ Printers Parkway Roundabout Construction

R19-T180AM On-Call Guardrail Installation and Repair Services

B19-T179MZ Van Buren SRTS Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

R19-178MZ SmartSensor Install Services

R19-193MZ 2C Materials Testing & Inspection Services

B19-185MZ Las Vegas Street Culvert

R19-155MZ Airport Server Virtualization

R19-T194MZ PPRTA Chip Seal Program

B19-T199MZ Barnes Rd Roadway Improvements

B19-201MZ SmartSensor Installation

B19-203MZ Cottonwood Creek Stormwater Detention Basin

R19-T2008MZ PPRTA Crack Seal Program

B19- 213 NS Deice Apron Construction