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Oversize and overweight vehicles are required to have the appropriate permits to travel on the roadways in Colorado Springs. A single, annual, and/or house move permit is required if the lengths, heights, and/or weights of a vehicle exceed the legal load and size limits listed below.  For additional requirements that may prevail governing specific length, height, width, and weight please see Colorado Revised Statutes § 42-4-501 through 42-4-512.'

Apply for a Truck Permit

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Permit applications and all supporting documentation must be received a minimum of 5 business days prior to the scheduled move and/or expiration of current permit.

Apply for or Renew a Truck Permit

To speak with a staff member concerning Oversize/Overweight Load Permits, please call (719) 385-5908 or email

Legal Load and Size Limits on City Streets

Weights are total gross weights of vehicle plus load

Please note: Weights cannot exceed existing bridge weight limitations.

  • Maximum Weight on any one axle (with low pressure tires): 20,000 lbs
  • Maximum Gross Weight of Single Vehicle with two axles: 36,000 lbs
  • Maximum Gross Weight of Single Vehicle with three or more axles: 54,000 lbs
  • W= 1,000 (L+40), W= the gross weight in pounds, L= the length in feet between the centers of the first and last axles of such vehicles or combination of vehicles, but in computation of this formula no gross vehicle weight shall exceed 85,000 lbs.
  • Maximum Height (Total distance from ground to top part of load): 13'6"
  • Maximum Width: 8'6"
  • Maximum Length of any Single Vehicle: 70'0"
  • Maximum Length of any Combination of Vehicle: 110'0"

Truck Routes & Restrictions

Applications for annual and LVC permits that exceed 15’ in height and/or width will not be accepted. Single Trip applications for loads exceeding 15’ in width will require 2 police escorts while on city streets.  For loads exceeding 15’ in height, a bucket escort by an electrical contractor accompanied by a police escort will be required.  Approved police escorts are Colorado Springs Police Department, Colorado State Patrol and El Paso County Sheriff's Department.

Use of Air Compression Brakes Prohibited Inside City Limits

The use of air compression brakes (also known as “Jake brakes”) is prohibited within City limits, unless otherwise posted by the City Traffic Engineer.

See more information about truck route zones, parking restrictions, applicable City Code and more details on the second page of the Truck Route Map pdf.