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Smart Services Programs


Digital Equity

In order to help close the digital divide in Colorado Springs, the City of Colorado Springs, in partnership with the City Grants team will subgrant $800,000 to local non-profits to fund projects that will improve access to connected devices, digital skills trainings, and one-on-one troubleshooting sessions.

Learn more about our Digital Equity Program.

Low-Cost Internet and Computer Access

Disaster Resiliency

Build community resilience and increase the region’s capacity to address disasters by continuous development and expansion of community partnerships. Some of the top Natural Hazard focus/concerns:   Wildfires,   Flash Floods, Winter Weather, Windstorms, Hail.

Smart Waste

The City of Colorado Springs deployed 30 smart trash bins in downtown Colorado Springs and plans to scale the pilot project across the city. The bins collect and provide information including fill level, internal temperature, and more. The City hopes to optimize hauling schedules and bin locations based on data collected from the bins.