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Stormwater Education Programs and Presentations

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EnviroScape Nonpoint Source Pollution ModelĀ®

Colorado Watershed Presentation

Ditch Playing in Ditches

With the use of videos, photos, and PSAs, students learn about flash flood safety and the Ditch Playing in Ditches campaign. In addition, the program promotes safety from chemicals and other dangers in and around our streams, creeks, and drainage channels.

All three presentations are given together in approximately 1 hour. If your group, school, or organization is interested in a presentation, please contact Stormwater Enterprise for arrangements at (719) 385-5033.

Stormwater Videos

We offer a variety of videos and DVDs explaining storm water activity, water quality, and flash flood safety. Great for use at schools, clubs, neighborhood organizations, and other community meetings. Contact the Stormwater Enterprise for more information at (719) 385-5566.

Upstream Downstream: Protecting Our Water

There's a few simple things we can all do to help keep our water clean. This video shows you simple things you can do everyday to start making a positive difference on the environment.

A Ride Through the Storm Drain

The water drop takes a ride through the storm drain to show how polluted runoff affects water quality.


Trading Cards

These cards help inform kids and the public on native and non-native tree species found in the region. The cards are a fun way to discuss green infrastructure. 


Tree Cards