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There are many options to resolve parking troubles in residential area, so we work to find the optimal solution for each neighborhood by analyzing the root of the problem and potential side-effects. Before implementing any decision, Traffic Engineering provides their expertise and seeks out support and feedback from the citizens of the affected area.

No Parking

A simple, though in some ways extreme, solution is to install "No Parking" signs. In this case, cars are illegal on the street at all times. This type of remedy is most effective when visibility is a key concern, there is heavy out-of-neighborhood traffic, and/or there are few to no residences on the specified street.

Time Managed Parking

Restrictive parking

If the cars causing problems are a by-product of a local school or business, this option offers the benefit of clearing streets during peak times while allowing residents and their guests to park on-street in off-peak times. One example is "No Parking 8am-6pm Except Holidays and Weekends." Resident property owners may, as always, park on their lots whenever they wish. The parking restrictions are strictly to limit the parked cars on the street.

Permissive Parking

This type of system is useful near public areas such as parks and shopping centers. A time managed system places a limit on the length of time that a car is allowed to be within the limits. For example, a park might have a sign dictating "Limit 2 Hour Parking" to ensure that visiting cars are truly there for the park, and that streets are not clogged with cars parked for long periods of time.


Resident permits allow property holders to park a specified number of vehicles on the street in "No Parking" zones. While they are typically identified with a unique ID tied to the holder's address, they may go in residents' or guests' cars, as long as the user abides by the conditions outlined.

The City also recognizes that property owners may encounter events that require more than two of their guests to park on the street. For these situations, we issue date-specific temporary permits to accommodate the resident.


Since each circumstance is different, the City is happy to consider combinations of the above-listed options. A popular choice is Time Restricted Parking with the option for resident permits.

What about meters?

While metered parking can be very effective in higher-traffic areas, they are not practical as a solution in neighborhoods. The up-front cost of purchasing or manufacturing and installing the meters in very high, and enforcement becomes very difficult and expensive.

Current Parking Programs

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