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Plan Your Trip with Real-Time Information:

Mountain Metro provides My Next Bus real-time information to Google Maps. Find nearby bus stops, look up departure times, plan trips, and get real-time estimates for bus arrivals from your phone. Remember these are estimates for bus arrival times and are subject to change.  Always be at your bus stop at least 5-minutes early!

See individual route schedules below for printing. Accessible time schedules have been remediated to work with assistive technology.

Route, Route Name, Transfer Location, and Bus Schedules for MMT

RT. #ROUTE NAMETRANSFER LOCATIONSAccessible Time SchedulesSpring 2024 Printable Time Schedules
 The Zeb Free Downtown ShuttleCache La Poudre St., Ed Robson Arena, Downtown Tejon St., U.S. Olympic and Paralympic, Museum, Costilla St., Weidner FieldAccessible Downtown Shuttle PDFDowntown Shuttle PDF
1Hillside - Hancock PlazaDowntown Terminal, Hancock PlazaAccessible Route 1 PDFRoute 1 PDF
Centennial Blvd - Garden of the Gods RdDowntown Terminal, EPC Citizens Service CenterAccessible Route 2 PDFRoute 2 PDF
3Colorado AvenueDowntown Terminal, Manitou Springs Memorial ParkAccessible Route 3 PDFRoute 3 PDF
48th StreetDowntown TerminalAccessible Route 4 PDFRoute 4 PDF
5Boulder St - CitadelDowntown Terminal, Citadel Mall Transfer CenterAccessible Route 5 PDFRoute 5 PDF
6Fillmore - CitadelCitadel Mall Transfer Center, Fillmore St & Cascade Ave, Cache La Poudre St & Nevada AveAccessible Route 6 PDFRoute 6 PDF
7Pikes Peak Avenue - CitadelDowntown Terminal, Citadel Mall Transfer CenterAccessible Route 7 PDFRoute 7 PDF
8Cache La Poudre StCitadel Mall Transfer Center, Cache La Poudre St & Nevada AveAccessible Route 8 PDFRoute 8 PDF
9Nevada Ave. - UCCSDowntown Terminal, Fillmore St & Cascade Ave, Cache La Poudre St & Nevada Ave, UCCSAccessible Route 9 PDFRoute 9 PDF
10Highway 115 - PPSCDowntown Terminal, Nevada Ave & Rio Grande St, PPSCAccessible Route 10 PDFRoute 10 PDF
11World Arena - PPSCDowntown Terminal, Nevada Ave & Rio Grande St, Venetucci Blvd & Lake Ave, PPSCAccessible Route 11 PDFRoute 11 PDF
12Palmer Park BlvdCache La Poudre St & Nevada AveAccessible Route 12 PDFRoute 12 PDF
14 Chestnut - Garden of the Gods RdDowntown Terminal, EPC Citizens Service CenterAccessible Route 14 PDFRoute 14 PDF
15 E Fountain – Cheyenne Mountain CenterNevada Ave & Rio Grande St, Venetucci Blvd & Lake AveAccessible Route 15 PDFRoute 15 PDF
16 Brookside St - Uintah GardensNevada Ave & Navajo St, 8th St & Brookside St, Colorado Ave & 26th St, 19th & Henderson AveAccessible Route 16 PDFRoute 16 PDF
17 19th St - FillmoreCache La Poudre St & Nevada Ave, 19th St & Henderson Ave, Fillmore St & Cascade AveAccessible Route 17 PDFRoute 17 PDF
Union Blvd – Montebello DrMontebello & Montebello Square Routes, Memorial ParkAccessible Route 18 PDFRoute 18 PDF
19Nevada - Eagle Rock (UCCS)Downtown Terminal, Cache La Poudre St & Nevada Ave, Fillmore St & Cascade Ave, Eagle Rock Transfer PointAccessible Route 19 PDFRoute 19 PDF
20Downtown - SouthgateDowntown Terminal, Nevada Ave, Rio Grande St, Southgate RdAccessible Route 20 PDFRoute 20 PDF
22Southborough via Murray BlvdCitadel Mall Transfer Center, Hancock PlazaAccessible Route 22 PDFRoute 22 PDF
23Barnes Rd - Tutt BlvdCitadel Mall Transfer Center, Morning Sun AveAccessible Route 23 PDFRoute 23 PDF
24Galley Rd - Tutt BlvdGalley Road to Tutt Blvd and ConstitutionAccessible Route 24 PDFRoute 24 PDF
25N Academy Blvd - Voyager ParkwayCitadel Mall Transfer Center, Morning Sun Ave, Voyager Pkwy Transfer CenterAccessible Route 25 PDFRoute 25 PDF
27S Academy Blvd - PPSCCitadel Mall Transfer Center, Hancock Plaza, PPSCAccessible Route 27 PDFRoute 27 PDF
32Security-WidefieldHancock PlazaAccessible Route 32 PDFRoute 32 PDF
33 Manitou Shuttle: Incline/COGManitou Springs Memorial ParkAccessible Route 33 PDFRoute 33 PDF
34Garden of the Gods Rd - Austin Bluffs PkwyEPC Citizens Service Center, UCCS, Morning Sun AveAccessible Route 34 PDFRoute 34 PDF
35  Las Vegas - PPSCPPSCAccessible Route 35 PDFRoute 35 PDF
36Manitou Shuttle: Beckers Lane/Downtown Manitou AveSeasonal Shuttle, runs late April through September.Accessible Route 36 PDFRoute 36 PDF
37 Hancock Plaza – Colorado Springs AirportHancock Plaza, Peak Innovation Park, Colorado Springs AirportAccessible Route 37 PDFRoute 37 PDF
38 Montebello Dr. – Memorial North/Children’s Hospital Montebello Square, Memorial North, Children’s HospitalAccessible Route 38 PDFRoute 38 PDF
39Corporate Drive - Voyager PkwyEagle Rock Transfer Point, Voyager Pkwy Transfer CenterAccessible Route 39 PDFRoute 39 PDF
40 PPSC Rampart to Voyager Pkwy Voyager Pkwy Transfer Center
Route 40 does not operate during the summer
Accessible Route 40 PDFRoute 40 PDF

What does it mean when two or more routes are "interlined"?

Interlining is a scheduling technique that allows the use of the same vehicle to service more than one route. It is used to minimize vehicle requirements and as a method to make transfers easier for customers. Since there are typically a fair amount of transfers between these routes, customers can remain on the same vehicle and not have to get off to board another.


What is deviated fixed-route service?

Deviated fixed-route service allows buses to leave their regular routes within ¾ of a mile, as long as it is safe for buses. This allows riders the convenience of having the bus come to them!

What routes offer deviated service?

Only Route 38 and Route 40 offer deviated service.

How do I request a deviation?

Before you can get a deviation, we must go out and make sure that it is safe for a bus to travel to your requested location. This means you will need to call 3-5 days in advance of your first deviated pick-up/drop-off. If the location of your request is not feasible, MMT will select alternative locations for your consideration.

Once your location has been surveyed and approved, you may then call for pick-ups/drop-offs with 1-3 days advance notice.

What times are deviations available?

Deviated fixed-route service is available any time buses are operating. Weather or other situations could make this service unavailable. Buses do not operate on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

How many deviations can be on each route?

Deviation requests are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, plan ahead, and call early!

What does this service cost?

The deviation surcharge is $1.00 on top of the base fare. This means if you pay a regular $1.75 fare, it will cost $2.75 with the deviation.

How do I request a deviation?

To get a deviation, you must call (719) 385-5702. You may call Monday through Sunday, 8:00am until 5:00pm, excluding New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Remember you must call in advance!