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Mountain Metro Mobility ADA Paratransit Service

Mountain Metro Mobility is Mountain Metropolitan Transit’s (MMT) complementary ADA Paratransit Service. This pre-scheduled bus transportation is for persons with disabilities who cannot independently use regular MMT’s bus service some or all the time. 

With this service, riders who cannot access our regular fixed routes can still maintain their freedom to travel. Paratransit service is available during the same days and hours as our local bus service, within 3/4 mile of an existing route. We offer a shared ride, door-to-door service as well as subscriptions for passengers who make regular trips to the same destination.

To apply for eligibility or obtain visitor status for paratransit (for those already certified in other areas), call 719-385-7433 or email us at

Eligibility Requirement

To travel on Metro Mobility, you must meet one of the following categories:

  • Be a person with a disability who cannot navigate the transit system without assistance.  Examples of individuals who would qualify under this category include those with intellectual, cognitive, vision, or psychiatric disabilities who cannot independently navigate the fixed route system for some or all of their trips.
  • A person with a disability who requires an accessible vehicle when one is not available. This does not apply to Colorado Springs area, as all our buses are lift-equipped.
  • A person with a disability who is unable to reach the transit stop. For example, for an individual who uses a wheelchair, a lack of sidewalks or barriers along the sidewalk (such as lack of curb ramps, or an object constraining the width of a sidewalk so as to be impassable) may prevent them from being able to travel to a bus stop. An individual who is unable to be outside in temperature extremes due to their disability may be prevented from traveling to a bus stop during those times of extreme temperatures. An individual with a vision disability may be unable to cross a complex intersection to get to or from a bus stop. 

As part of the certification process, you must complete an application. All applicants must qualify for certification under the guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  All application information will be kept confidential.

Eligibility determinations can take up to 21 days from the time a complete application is received. If an eligibility determination takes longer than 21 days, you may be given presumptive eligibility that allows you to use the paratransit system until a final decision about your eligibility is made. This does not apply if, through inactions on your part or an incomplete application, we are unable to complete the processing of your application.

*Please let us know if you require an application in an alternative format or require in‑person telephone assistance to complete your application.


As required by ADA regulation [Section 37.127], an individual visiting MMT’s service area may qualify for Metro Mobility services “for any combination of 21 days during any 365- day period beginning with the visitor’s first use of the service during such 365 -day period”. Visitors with paratransit eligibility in their city of residence can have the transit agency in that jurisdiction forward documentation of that eligibility to Metro Mobility via email at Visitor status cannot be renewed until the full 365-day period has elapsed.

Conversely, once you are certified to use ADA paratransit in Colorado Springs, you are also eligible to receive paratransit services in other cities and states. We suggest you contact the transit agency in the city to which you plan to travel prior to your trip. They will give you information about trip scheduling, fares, and operating times.

Service Area and Hours

Mountain Metro Mobility operates during the same days, hours, and service areas as the Mountain Metro fixed-route bus system. Mountain Metro Mobility's service area includes corridors within a ¾-mile radius of fixed-route bus service. Mountain Metro Mobility provides service that is comparable to the fixed-route system, including travel and wait time.

General Service Hours:

  • Monday through Friday from 5:00am to 10:15pm
  • Saturday from 6:00am to 12:15am (Additional hours may be available on Friday and Saturday evenings in the downtown area. Please call for more information)
  • Sunday from 6:00am to 8:15pm

Exact schedules vary by route, so please check our Route Info page for days and times of operation. Service is NOT provided on the following holidays:  Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

ADA Service Area Map

Taxi Choice Rules

Taxi Choice Option is a premium passenger service available to Mountain Metro Mobility passengers who need a ride for seven miles or less. Taxi Choice Option reservations can be made by calling 719-392-2396, Option # 2.

The reservation for a taxi can be made up to three (3) days in advance.​ Same day rides or changes are not allowed.

The Metro Mobility reservationist will inform a client that their trip is 7 miles or less and is eligible for Taxi choice option.

The customer must show their Metro Mobility card to the taxi driver upon pickup.

Service animals are welcomed but also must be authorized on the Metro Mobility card. 

Companions are charged $3.50 from the client account. PCA noted on the MMT card will travel for free.

The fare charged to the client is the same as riding a Metro Mobility paratransit van and shall be prepaid by using an electronic account. To utilize this service, the client must set up a prepaid electronic account through Metro Mobility. Their account cannot go below $7.00, or they will not be able to book a ride.

Prepayment may be made through Metro Mobility by check; however, it must be in an envelope labeled attention Customer Service, with a note with the name of the individual on it.

They may also be paid through Credit Card on our City Marketplace.

The City Marketplace is where you go to purchase electronic fare in one dollar increments or a 10-ride or 40-ride mobility pass booklet. If you purchase the mobility pass booklet, a City representative mails the pass booklet to you. If you purchased electronic fare, a Metro Mobility staff member applies the amount you purchased to your account.  A client can request their account balance through a Metro Mobility reservationist at any time. 

NOTE: Yellow Cab provides wheelchair accessible vehicles. If you have questions about how to set up a prepaid electronic account, please call us at 719-392-2396, option # 3 or via email at



Contact Us

Metro Mobility Phone Line

You may send us an email if you would like to:

Mountain Metropolitan Transit: 719-385-7433

Monday-Friday, 8am -5pm, Relay Line: 711

Note: Please call the mainline 719-385-7433 for all ADA complaints, Title VI complaints, general information, questions or to request an Eligibility Application be mailed to you.