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About Neighborhood Planning

PlanCOS, the City of Colorado Springs’ Comprehensive Plan, envisions six vision themes for development across the city. To implement these larger visions while ensuring the planning process is equitable across all neighborhoods, the Neighborhood Planning Program was created. The Neighborhood Plans, or Community Plans, prepared as products of this program attempt to serve as practical documents that address unique characteristics and needs of the many diverse localities within city limits. It is the ultimate goal of the City to have each neighborhood covered by a Community Plan so that proposed development can be managed from a comprehensive and guided perspective.

Community Plans offer residents a valuable opportunity to engage with planning and development before site-specific development applications are received by the Land Use Review Division. While each Community Plan is in development, they engage area stakeholders (such as residents, business owners, non-profits, etc.) in identifying a vision for the area. Community Plans provide detailed recommendations and implementation strategies for land use and future investments to ensure areas thrive and adapt as envisioned by the plan.

Current Neighborhood Planning Initiatives

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